Water-Proofing, Moisture & Protection

Waterproofing protects structures against water infiltration which can cause expensive and irreversible damage. Count on SIKA to provide long-lasting waterproof systems to protect your project.

Epoxy primers, water sealants, coating reinforcements and more.

Protective slurry mortars and protective coloured epoxy coatings.

View All Roof Waterproofing
Roof Waterproofing
  • Sikalastic 502
    Epoxy Primer
  • Sikalastic Colour
    Flexible Water Sealant for Roof and Walls
  • Sikalastic 500
    Silicone waterproofing liquid applied membrane
  • Sikamultiseal Grey
    Bituminous Sealing Tape
  • Sika Armature
    Flexible Coating Reinforcements
View All Water Retaining Structures
Water Retaining Structures
  • Sikatop Seal 107
    Flexible Waterproofing and Protective Slurry Mortar
  • Sikagard 62
    High-build, protective, solvent-free, coloured epoxy coating

Corrosion inhibitors and reinforcements.

Foundation waterproofing solutions.

View All Corrosion Inhibitors
Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Armatec 110
    Epoxy-Cement based bonding agent and anti-corrosive rebar coating
  • Armatec 1C
    Cementitious corrosion inhibitor coating for rebars and bonding primer
  • Sika Monotop 910N
    Reinforcement corrosion inhibitors
  • Sika Ferrogard 903
    Corrosion Inhibitor-Impregnation
  • Sika Armature
    Flexible Coating Reinforcements
Foundation Waterproofing
Foundation Waterproofing
  • Sika Bitume Foundation
    Waterproofing Solution

Waterproofing seals for joints.

Resins and waterproof coatings.

View All Waterstops
  • Sika Waterstop
    PVC material used to seal joints in concrete structures
  • Sikaswell S-2
    High-performance, swellable, one-component, polyurethane-based waterstop
  • Sikaswell A-2005
    Acrylic swellable joint sealing profile
  • Sika Imper Mur
    Indoor resin for damp walls
  • Sikalastic 850W
    Waterproof coating for floors and partition walls