Repairs and Quick Set Mortars

Browse our range of professional concrete repair mortars from SIKA, including several products with specialist waterproofing and rapid-setting properties.

Repair, quick set and more.

Paramount’s in-house applications team is here to assist you with your construction project.

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Repairs and Quick Set Mortars
  • Sikaset Plug
    Fast Set Portland Cement Water Stop
  • Sikacrete 211
    Everyday Concrete Mix
  • Sikacrete 211 SCC
    Self Consolidating Concrete Ready Mix
  • Sikafastfix 138 TP
    Quick-Hardening Micro-Concrete
  • Sikarepair 223
    Early Strength Repair Mortar
  • Sikarepair 224
    Sprayable Mortar for Structural Repairs
  • Sikaquick 2500
    Very Rapid Hardening Repair Mortar
  • Sikaquick 1000
    Rapid  Hardening Repair Mortar
  • Sikaquick VOH
    Fast Setting Vertical and Overhead Mortar
  • Sikalevel 125
    Self-Leveling Underlayment
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Construction Application Services
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