Floors and Protective Coating

Sika flooring meets all your flooring needs with high the performance efficient products and application services.

Densifiers and hardeners enhance the concrete surface to a higher quality level and provide durability in use.

Combines the most demanding performance characteristics including resistance to impact, abrasion, aggressive chemicals and thermal shock.

View All Concrete Densifier/Hardeners
Concrete Densifier/Hardeners
  • Sikachapdur Mix
    Non-Metalic Floor Hardener
  • Sika Purigo SOL
    Surface hardener and film-forming dust reducer
View All Polyurethanes
  • Sikafloor 19N Purcem
    Polyurethane floor screen
  • Sikafloor 31NA Purem
    Solvent-free, high build, cementitious urethane coating
  • Sikafloor 22NA Purem
    Medium to heavy duty textured self levelling polyurethane screed with anti-slip properties

Epoxy coating/binder and primers used for smooth and textured coatings and/or broadcast overlayments.


View All Epoxys
  • Sikafloor 161
    Epoxy resin primer
  • Sikafloor 264
    Epoxy resin surface finish
  • Sikafloor 62
    High-build protective solvent-free coloured epoxy coating
View All Sealers
  • Sikagard 681 Protection
    Impregnation agent for soils
  • Sikagard 705 L
    Silicone based water repellent penetrating sealant

All your other flooring and protective coating needs.

Paramount’s in-house applications team is here to assist you with your construction project.

  • Sikachapdur Decor Projete
    Ground surface decorative mortar
Construction Application Services
Construction Application Services
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