The seemingly random, yet crucial products needed to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Sikadur, Antisol, Sika Decap & More.

Paramount’s in-house applications team is here to assist you with your construction project.

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  • Sikadur 504
    Slurry aggregate
  • Sikadur 508
    Medium broadcast aggregate
  • Antisol E-40
    Curing compound
  • Bond Breaker Tape
    Polyethylene tape for isolating sealant and eliminating sealant adhesion to concrete, metals and joint filler boards
  • Sika Silica Sand
    20-40 braodcast aggregate
  • Sikafilm
    Finishing aid
  • Sikalatex
    Bonding agents and mortar additive
  • Sika Decap
    Curing compound
  • Sika Decofre Mineral
    Ready to use form release agent
Construction Application Services
Construction Application Services
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