Brand Partners

We continue to maintain strong alliances with regional and international manufacturers to ensure we deliver the best possible products. It is through these partnerships that we are able to utilize innovative technology in manufacturing and logistics. Our suppliers and partners are considered world class within the industry and include…

Allegheny Petroleum

Allegheny Petroleum is one of the largest Independent Lubricant Manufacturers in the United States, with four plants dispersed across the country.
Founded in 1987, Allegheny coined the Altra Brand for their full line of industrial and passenger car oils and lubricants. Paramount and Allegheny Petroleum have entered into an exclusive partnership to produce and distribute a line of lubricants for the Caribbean market. Production of these lubricants at our State-of-the-
Art Blending Plant on Kingston began in January 2018. Our extensive product line of over 1,000 products are packaged in totes, drums, kegs and pails, gallons and quartz.

Paramount New Plant

Our local facility and team allow us the following advantages – Reliability of Supply, Competitive Pricing, Customized Blends, and access to Allegheny’s USA Team and Certified Technology. Our services include Contract Manufacturing in all pack sizes, Warehousing, Bulk Shipments, and Consignment Tanks on Site. Paramount currently has the capacity to produce up to 75,000 gallons of oil per day, always guaranteeing the highest quality. Testing is carried out in our in-house laboratory by certified lab technicians, with exclusivity of this service in the Caribbean. Our Grade II and III base oils and additives are sourced from industry leaders of quality products including Exxon Mobile, Ergon, Lubrizol, Afton Chemical & Motiva.


Sika is a globally recognized leading supplier of specialty chemical products and industrial materials serving the construction industry. Sika’s full range of the innovative and proven construction chemicals have been approved on the biggest job sites in the world through a worldwide network of over 200,000 distributors. Paramount became the sole distributor of Sika construction products in Jamaica in 2011 after identifying a need of niche construction materials for Jamaica’s growing market. Paramount’s local team benefits from Sika’s 100+ years of innovative product technology and extensive application experience. We supply major concrete manufacturers, contractors, hardware stores and Industry professionals with select Sika products proved to ensure structural integrity for new builds and refurbish existing structures.

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Trusted Partner Product List:

  • Concrete Admixtures
  • Repair Mortars Non-Shrink and Epoxy Grout
  • Anchoring Adhesives and Bonding Agents
  • Sealants and Adhesives
  • Sealers and Protective coatings
  • Epoxy and Polyurethane Flooring Products
  • Pool and Roof Waterproofing Products

Our local team has been personally trained by Sika Corporation representatives to provide application services for our line of products.

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