Joint Repairs

A complete solution through to a variety of repair techniques, we will find the right product for the right repair.

Low modulus and fungicidal sealants.

Partially fills deep cracks before sealant application.

View All Silicone Sealants
Silicone Sealants
  • Sikasil GP
    Fungicidal Silicon Sealant
  • Sikasil 728 NS
    Non sag ultra low modulus silicon sealant
View Backerod
  • Backerod
    Foam strips inserted into a joint to control sealant depth and to prevent three sided adhesion

Polyurethane sealants and adhesives.

Paramount’s in-house applications team is here to assist you with your construction project.

View All Sealants
  • Sikaboom
    Expansive Foam
  • Sikaflex 11FC
    Polyurethane sealant/adhesive
  • Sikaflex 1A
    Polyurethane, elastomeric sealant/adhesive
  • Sikaflex 15 LM
    Low modulus polyurethane sealant
  • Sikaflex 1C SL Limestone
    Self-leveling polyurethane sealant
Construction Application Services
Construction Application Services
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