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Whether it be simple void filling, precision engineering applications or anything in between, we have a wide array of grouting and anchoring products to meet every situation.

Cementitious non-shrink grout.

High performance adhesive anchoring.

View All Non-Shrink Grout
Non-Shrink Grout
  • Sikagrout – 212
    Cementitious Grout
  • Sikagrout 328
    Precision grout with extended work time
  • Sikadur Anchoring Fix 2
    High performance adhesive anchoring
  • Sikadur Anchor Fix 3001
    High performance, two component adhesive anchor system used in cracked and uncracked concrete

Epoxy grouts, adhesives and impregnation.

Paramount’s in-house applications team is here to assist you with your construction project.

View All Epoxy Grouts & Adhesives
Epoxy Grouts & Adhesives
  • Sikadur 32
    Epoxy Impregnation
  • Sikadur 31
    Epoxy Adhesive / Repair Mortar
  • Sikadur 42MP
    Epoxy Grouting System
Construction Application Services
Construction Application Services
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