Processing and Manufacturing

Incorporate our line of baking ingredients into your unique baked good recipe to create a fresh, textured, and delicious end result!
If you can’t find the right product below, explore our other comprehensive food and beverages ingredient categories including dairy and confectionary.

Solutions for improved cleanliness and efficiency during the food and beverage manufacturing process.

Versatile multi-purpose greases where food grade specifications are required.

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Processing & Manufacturing
  • Calcium Chloride
    Used in canning processing; firming agent
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
    Sterlizing agent
  • Mineral Oil 35
    Multi-purpose food, cosmetic and equipment maintenance
  • Monopropylene Glycol
    Solvent, coolant and humectant
  • Phosphoric Acid
    Rust removal; Used to acidify foods and beverages
  • Glycerine
    Multi-purpose solvent, humectant, personal care, cosmetic, pharmaceutical application
  • Acetic Acid
    Raw material for vinegar
  • Lubriplate FML-2
    Grease is white in colour and offer the utmost in lubrication, anti-wear protection and cleanliness