Nutritional Supplements

Incorporate our line of baking ingredients into your unique baked good recipe to create a fresh, textured, and delicious end result!
If you can’t find the right product below, explore our other comprehensive food and beverages ingredient categories including dairy and confectionary.

Select ingredients contribute positively to the nutritional value to a food or beverage.

Let us source and warehouse the specific nutritional supplement for your business.

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Nutritional Supplements
  • Ascorbic Acid
    Vitamin C; Anti-oxidant food additive
  • Whey Powder
    Powered form of proteins taken from whey
  • Calcium Carbonate
    Calcium; Used as a food preservative and colour retainer in organic fruits and other foods. Can also be a stabilizer
  • Fructo Oligo Saccharide
    Low carb prebiotic
Sourcing and Warehousing
  • Sourcing and Warehousing
    Paramount Trading sources and stores specialty products for our customers. We are always trying to find the best brands and items to suit both customer and market needs. These specialty chemicals are stored under optimum conditions to maintain the highest quality