Paramount provides clients with driver accompanied trucking and haulage services. This is an efficient and safe option for your delivery. We offer excellence as standard, and have a wide range of transport solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.

Commonly used as sugar substitutes as they are sweeter and contribute only a few to no calories.

Products are used in foods in create flavour, fragrance, or replenish flavours lost during processing.

Trucking and Haulage
  • Trucking and Haulage
    Stamina Trucking & Haulage has a vast amount of experience providing end–to-end delivery of containerized units all across Jamaica. Conveniently located near KFTL & KWL, we are ideally placed to meet our customers needs. Our licensed drivers are fully qualified with years of experience in the road transport industry.
Bulk Chemical Transport and Offloading
  • Bulk Chemical Transport and Offloading
    Paramount Trading offers transportation and offloading services for a variety of chemicals such as acids and other hazardous materials. Our storage vessels include Iso – tanks, totes, drums and kegs. We offer safe, competitive and efficient transport. Our certified drivers ensure safe handling of products with care for the environment and in full compliance with regulations stipulated by NEPA.