Technical Support

We understand that having the right products can be just one part of the equation when completing a project or supporting your business effectively. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in technical staff well versed in chemicals selection, formulation and market end use.

24-hour Response Team, Lab Services, Construction Application Services and More.

Blending, Oil Sampling and Interval Analysis.

Qualified Technical Team
  • Qualified Technical Team
    Paramount Trading responds to customer inquiries on proper use of company’s products as well as the differences between these products. Our competent customer service team provides in-depth knowledge on all products and services offered, and is able to assist with customer complaints. Paramount Trading develops and delivers training materials for our customers. Our Research & Development team travels to customers’ sites to assist with product formulation and development, product testing and provide feedback about product usage and possible enhancements.
  • Emergency Services
    Paramount Trading offers a 24-hour spill response service that operates throughout Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Catherine and other nearby parishes. Paramount Trading has developed over the past years into a highly effective and efficient emergency response service provider that has qualified and experienced teams on standby to respond to chemical spillages, chlorine gas leaks or other hazardous material (HAZMAT) related incidents.
Lab Services
  • Lab Services
    Our in-house Oils and Lubricants Laboratory allows us to enforce the quality of the raw materials we import and the final products we blend. Our lab can also be utilized for used oil sample testing and interval analysis

Our certified team members are available and equipped to help assess your project.

Our process ensures high quality standards are maintained.

Field Analysis
  • Field Analysis
    Paramount Trading offers field analysis services to our customers and have always strived to deliver the highest accuracy with consistent quality standards. Our certified team members are readily available and equipped to go on sites.
In Process Inspection
  • In Process Inspection
    Paramount Trading is fully aware of the fact that quality gets the job done right every time. Our team ensures that quality procedures are followed throughout manufacturing processes, meeting and exceeding quality standards recognized around the world.

If we don’t stock it, we can get it for you.

Our in-house team can apply the SIKA products for you.

  • Sourcing
    Paramount Trading sources specialty products for our customers. We are always trying to find the best brands and items to suit both customer and market needs.
Construction Application Services
  • Construction Application Services
    In addition to distributing SIKA products, Paramount also has an in-house construction applications team capable of applying the specialty products in a professional and timely manner. We have lead a variety of projects islandwide including roof repairs and waterproofing, epoxy floor application, and airport runway reinforcement and expansion.