We custom blend, manufacture, package and label your products to your contract specifications. Located in Kingston, Jamaica and in partnership with Allegheny Petroleum USA, Paramount manufactures Industrial and Passenger Car Oils and Lubricants to meet the highest global standards. Our State-of-the-Art Blending Plant delivers a full line of lubricants to meet international specifications with your private labels. With years of experience handling and trading Bleach ingredients, Paramount’s own Bleach Manufacturing Team effortlessly produces quality bleach. Using your private labels, we manufacture products of different strengths, packaged in various sizes and accommodating your industrial and or household needs. Dream of clean and let us do the rest.

Speciality chemical blends including oxyterge, ferric sulphate and more.

Unique products ranging from baking powder, super sweetener blend and more.

Formulate Speciality Chemical Blends
  • Formulate Specialty Chemical Blends
    Paramount Trading offers a range of specialty chemical blends including oxyterge, ferric sulphate and industrial degreaser. Our carefully prepared specialty blends maintain optimum quality and consistency during usage. Our specialty blends are designed to give the best possible outcome.
Formulate Speciality Food Ingredients
  • Formulate Speciality Food Ingredients
    Paramount Trading’s offers a variety of unique products for baking including Baking Powder and a Super Sweetener Blend. Our in-house lab and trained technicians ensure quality in every batch we make and every bag we package.

Variety of concentrates and packaging sizes to cater to both industrial and household applications.

Paramount manufactures Altra Brand Lubricants, however we are not limited to brand or packaging size.

  • Bleach
    Since 2018, Paramount has expanded its operation to include Bleach Manufacturing Plant and Packaging Line. The team produces Bleach at a variety of concentrates and packaging sizes, including bulk, to cater to both industrial and household applications.
Oils and Lubricants
  • Oils and Lubricants
    Partnered with Allegheny Petroleum USA, since 2018, Paramount commissioned it’s Oils & Lubricants Blending Plant with the capability of blending 80,000 gallons and storing an additional 120,000 gallons. Blending our full line of Altra products on the island allows us to ensure supply reliability, competitive costs, and quick turnaround times.