Personal Care

Find the active ingredients for your personal care formulation here to ensure your product has the texture, function and finish you’re looking for. If you can’t find the right product below, explore our other comprehensive technical grade chemicals categories including household chemicals.

Products range from disinfectants to chemicals that improve the appearance and texture of your formula.

Formulated with advanced holding properties, but still able to maintain a dry, textured, and light-weight finish.

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Shampoos and Conditioners
  • ACL 60
    Granular Chlorine, stabilized with Cyanuric acid; very effective disinfectant and algaecide
  • Calcium Hypochlorite
    Granular Chlorine used in water treatment; also disinfects pool water
  • Chlorine Gas
    Strong oxidizing compound, used in water treatment as an industrial whitening agent, disinfectant, raw material in bleach making
  • Chlorine Tablets
    Used to disinfect pool water and maintain chlorine levels
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Gels and Pomades
  • Carbopol Clear / Carbomer
    Gelling agent used in hair styling gel and hand santizier
  • Dimethicone
    Silicone oil used in cosmetic products
  • Polsorbate
    Emulsifier used in personal care products
  • Polyvinyl Pynolidone (PVP)
    Holding agent used in hair gel
  • White Petroleum Jelly
    Petroleum-based grease, used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry

Liquid solutions that are used to dissolve another substance, for example, removing nail polish.

Surfactants, emulsifiers, and thickening agents creating a texture that is easy to apply and absorb into skin.

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  • Acetone
    Solvent; used to dissolve resins and polymers. Main ingredient in most nail polish remover
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Body Cream and Lotions
  • Stearic Acid
    Used as a thickening agent in creams and lotions; candle making