Bulk and Contract Manufacturing

Let us help promote your brand. We will manufacture our quality products to your unique specification, package in bulk or your specified bottle size, and attach your brand’s label for a market-ready finished product.
Call us today to start the conversation about how we can deliver your specific needs.

Variety of concentrates and packaging sizes to cater to both industrial and household applications.

Paramount manufactures Altra Brand Lubricants, however we are not limited to brand or packaging size.

View All Bleach
  • Bulk
    We offer transportation and offloading services for bleach in bulk. Our storage vessels include Iso – tanks, totes, drums and kegs
  • Contract Manufacturing and Private Labelling
    Using your private labels, we manufacture bleach of different strengths, packaged in various sizes to accommodate your specific needs
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Oils and Lubricants
  • Bulk
    Bulk and pump off delivery services for existing tanks on-site or assist customers in installing tanks or fluid management systems
  • Contract Manufacturing and Private Labelling
    Using your unique brand and labels, we blend quality lubricants with the highest industry certifications on your behalf