Paramount Joins Bar Recovery Initiative

Paramount Joins Bar Recovery Initiative

Paramount Trading Jamaica Limited has joined Red Stripe Jamaica, Pepsi Jamaica, Celebration Brands, and the Desnoes & Geddes Foundation in the ‘For Our Bars: For Jamaica’ initiative, to support the recovery of community bars faced by challenges due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Paramount Trading is supporting the programme through the donation of the bottling and labelling of hand sanitisers sponsored by the D&G Foundation that will be distributed to more than 1,800 bar owners for use in their establishments under the health and safety measures mandated by the Government.

Vaughn Phang, our chief operating officer at Paramount, said

“Although we are in these trying times with the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that this partnership is quite fitting as it will help bars across Jamaica return to some form of normalcy in the safest way possible”.

Since the Government’s decision to reopen community bars and taverns last month, albeit under restricted guidelines, the promoters of the ‘For Our Bars: For Jamaica’ initiative believe that the support given will go a far way in helping bar owners and their staff to heighten their awareness on the importance of product quality and improved guest engagement. The training to be received will help to foster increased revenues and improve bartender confidence.

To read more, CLICK HERE to visit the Jamaica Observer article.

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