Blending Plant Construction

Contractors in charge of constructing Paramount’s very own Oil and Lubricants Blending Plant frequently utilized Sika’s advanced technology to promote the structural integrity of the building. This building provides a perfect example of how Paramount’s many business units complement each other for comprehensive service.

The project’s concrete supplier mixed Sikaplast 300GP, a concrete admixture, in their concrete for the traffic-heavy loading zone in order to reduce water retention, improve concrete strength, improve appearance of the slab, and reduce concrete shrinkage and cracking. Contractors used Sika Bitume Foundation for the structures below-ground walls to ensure the foundation is waterproof. Sikadur 32 Bonding Agent was applied as an adhesive to areas containing different types of materials, for example, steel and concrete.

Sika’s contribution also extended into the inside of the building. You are greeted by a sleek blue epoxy floor in the lobby that provides anti-slip technology, as well as “Sika ComfortFloor” in the laboratory. For lab technicians who are on their feet much of the day, ComfortFloor technology provides a flexible and ergonomic foundation for all day comfort.

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Paramount Allegheny Oils & Lubricants Blending Plant Construction

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April 21, 2017

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